#35: The Goat-Man and She-Goat Power Hour!

In this episode, Chris and Jon catch up after a month apart.  Jon talks about his time in Europe, and why Belgium is the Midwest of that fair continent.  Jon went to Nerd Camp, had his first oysters, and had some harrowing moments as an airline passenger.  In the meantime, Chris has yet another play!  He’s also got a book out, which had a successful reading, and his daughter graduated kindergarten.  Also, we learn why Chris has reason to fear for his life!

All this, and a special announcement from Jon, as the Goat gets going again…

Generation Goat #34 – Not Your Mother’s Goat!

In this episode, the boys are no longer riding around in a car.  We talk about that a bit, as well as Chris’ ongoing theatrical endeavors, the fun that is the end of the semester, and plans for the summer.  We think about family trips to Disney, whether or not Chris’ daughter is already a bad seed, and just how old Chris is getting.  There’s also a bit about Jon’s upcoming travel, some nostalgic reflections on our hometown and its terrible high school bands, and a perpetual longing for a simpler, autotuned-wolf-filled time… All this, and more, as Goat hits 34!

Generation Goat #33: Wall of Costner

In this episode, Chris and Jon have JUST SEEN THE AVENGERS!  We recorded in my car on the way home, and we might have been just a bit wired from spending the whole day in a movie theater watching comic book movies.  This is definitely the weirdest, most random episode of the Goat that you’re likely to get all year!