Generation Goat #15 – Goats of Future Present

In this episode, Chris and Jon discuss some upcoming, in-person events… including their first ever public appearance at PodCamp NH!  We also talk about Chris’ ongoing writing projects, Funspot, and theatrical misadventures.  Also, we throw down the gauntlet to our longtime friend Andy, discuss the relationship between the Apocalypse and High School reunions, and more!  All of this on our first-ever, American-made Generation Goat!

2 thoughts on “Generation Goat #15 – Goats of Future Present”

  1. I believe this officially makes you our biggest fan. Hopefully, not in that Kathy Bates kind of way… 😉 As Chris and I are both makers of terrible songs, we look forward to savoring the experience! 🙂

    See you Sunday!

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