Generation Goat #18 – How the Goat Stole Christmas!

In this episode, Chris and Jon talk about Harry Potter, Christmas music, and whether or not there’s a Santa Claus.  (And also, have you noticed the curious subtext between Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in White Christmas?) We talk about going to FunSpot NH – on Dec. 19th! – ice cream, surprise parties, and the Highlander movies.  We work in some Steve Gutenberg, some other podcasts, and mix tapes.  All of this, and much more, in a double-sized holiday extravaganza!

One thought on “Generation Goat #18 – How the Goat Stole Christmas!”

  1. Three things:

    1. Father Xmas by The Kinks

    2. I plan to attend the FunSpot trip.

    3. We have now rectified the error of omission. Sorry, gents.

    (Secret thing 4: Did/do either of you dig on Muppets xmas?)

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