Generation Goat #4 – The Echo Strikes Back!

Finally, an episode that brings you all the excitement of a lazy Sunday afternoon!  And from the sound of it, we did it all in that crazy Mormon echo chamber out in Utah!  We talk about movies and music from the 90s, in an attempt to demonstrate our complete irrelevance.  We discuss the Newsies – American Psycho connection, and wax nostalgic about… well, what don’t we wax nostalgic about?  Honestly, I’d recommend this episode only for completists.  Go and reread some back issues of Uncanny X-men or play Magic the Gathering.  Or, if you must listen to this one, at least do yourself the favor of thinking up a cunning drinking game to go along with it.  We’ll come back next week with a short, focused episode of Generation Goat!  (And if we’re lucky, it won’t have that whole “Pigs in Space” thing going for it…)

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