Generation Goat #5 – If there’s a Goat in your Hedgerow…

Generation Goat is back (and without excess reverb)! In this episode, we discuss the reality of Vegas as compared to the reality of EPCOT, the consequences of growing old and out-of-touch, and grade school field trips. Secondly, we talk a bit about life at a comic book store, Magic the Gathering, and the dread terror of light switches. Sixth and lastly, a fairly lengthy discussion about roleplaying games and short story writing. And fourth, of course, Ken Mills, Andy Hicks, and assorted other recurring characters are all here, too! Finally, we discuss recent developments in quantum mechanics. (Note: not all topics appear in this podcast.)

Oh, and, look, if you’re still listening after “Oh my God, Lost!,” then you deserve the spoilers… Enjoy!

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